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1. A physical signature from the copyright owner (owners) or from the copyright agent if acting on behalf of the owner.

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Contest And other Freely Submitted Material: DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC reserves the right to have separate and additional rules and regulation requirements for each contest that is held on our websites. Please read all rules and disclaimers before participating or sending any material. General Disclaimer: This following disclaimer pertains to all material and other submissions to our website or to our office & studios and not just applied to our contest and promotions. All material submitted to the DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC Websites and or offices/studios become immediate property of DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC and the sender or senders surrender any and all rights to any claims without receiving a paid compensation. This includes material sent in the form of text, pictures, audio, video as well as creative ideas and suggestions. This also goes for all material as mentioned and regardless of how it was sent including but not limited to by means of electronically, phone (both landline and cell) or in the form of regular mail.

ON /OFF AIR Privacy Policies: Your contact with DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC in any communication form could be monitored, recorded, broadcast live or could be rebroadcast at a future date or dates. This includes and not limited to live and pre recorded video, audio submissions, web cam use, emails, live chat usage, blogs, live telephone conversations to our website, studio lines or offices. This policy also applies to pre recorded messages left on our studio and office lines or by email submissions. Anything that is uploaded to our websites is also considered to be our ownership of property which gives us the full right to share with our audience or to whoever the staff and management feels is appropriate. DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC shall be free to use, copy or distribute any comments, feedback or any other information or materials received without any restrictions of any type and without having to account to the sender of the material that was sent no matter how the item or items were submitted as previously stated.

Closing Remarks: Every attempt will always be made to keep DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC as America's Favorite Internet Radio / TV Station. The programming is designed with You in mine. You make it happen with your volunteered feedback and submissions. We have design our website for ages 13 and up. A channel that you can relax and enjoy and forget your troubles that life dishes out. It's easy to see why more and more listeners have bookmark our flagship of websites to be their favorite listen while they work station. We are very proud of our staff and of course to you as well for helping us continue to grow. Remember everyone has different standards and beliefs. Hopefully we live up to your values and expectations. If however we don't please follow our Terms of Use and don't use our website. To the rest of you out there Thank You once again for all of your support. On behalf of the staff and management of DJ Paulie Broadcasting LLC that you will continue to be with us for many years to come. Let's both grow together and reach our Dreams that we all have.

Thank you, DJ Paulie